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Party Bags

Our party bags are provided to make life easier for you especially as you only pay for what you need, for example if you order 30 party bags and 25 children turn up, you will just buy the 25 you need.  We also bring a few spares just in case a few more children turn up than expected.
Our bags can either be aimed at boys or girls or can be generic.  We also age specify our bags into
  • Under 2 yrs old
  • 3yrs - 5yrs old
  • 5yrs - 7yrs old
  • Over 7yrs old


Bags can be provided with or without sweets


Generally the under 2 yrs bag contain 3 items and they could be a bath toy, a book, ball etc and white chocolate if required

The other bags contain 5 items and they could be colouring pencils, writing pad, bracelets, pencils, toy soldiers, bubbles and slinkies etc and fruit sweets such as haribo if required.

The bags themselves are brightly coloured and come open so you can pop a piece of birthday cake in as well.

Prices start from £1.30 per bag without sweets and £1.50 per bag with sweets


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