MR Trix the magic rabbit

Mr Trix

Mr Trix was a Lion Head Rabbit who used to help with my magic shows. After five years of loyal service making children happy and performing in the show he finally retired in the autumn of 2013. He then lived happily in a luxury hutch in the garden for another three years before dying of old age.

When I originally went looking for a Rabbit for my act I intially wanted a white one as that was the traditional colour but when I saw Mr Trix he looked so cute in the shop (and a little sad) that I decided that he was the one for me.

When I first got him he didn’t have a name but a local magazine called Raring 2 Go ran a competition to give the rabbit a name and the winner got a free magic show. 

I am glad that he was able to enjoy his life…it was never boring and he attended lots of parties.


Fluffy was a cross between a long eared lop and a lion head dwarf rabbit… he grew a bit bigger than we thought he would!

We used him for about four years until we got our new rabbit Trixie. He lived in the garden in a luxury two tier hutch with his best friend Trixie who took over from him as the main star of the show after he retired.

Occasionally, at busy times of the year, he made an appearance just to give Trixie a rest.

Some people think that using animals in a live act is cruel and whilst we respect their opinion rest assured that our rabbits were and are cared for and well looked after. The hutch is spacious and when weather permits they are in the garden grazing and exploring. Our two sharp eyed Labradors watch out for the neighbourhood cats and bark to warn us if any approach our garden… keeping an eye out for their hopping friends.