Terms of Business

Please be aware that all children must be supervised at all times by adults. We are there to entertain the children not to deal with their behaviour. If we feel that the behaviour of the children is adversely affecting the magic show we reserve the right to end it early with no refund. We will make up the time with other activities (games, balloons etc). 

All games are intrinsically safe but we would ask that to avoid injuries the children and adults must follow the rules. When children are running around there is always a risk that someone will fall over or hurt themselves so we ask that rules are observed.

All deposits are non refundable. When you make the booking the deposit reserves the time slot for you. We cannot guarantee that you will get the party slot if the deposit is not received within seven working days.

All cheques must be received with time to clear. If cheques have not cleared by the day of the event we would require the full outstanding balance on arrival at the party. We would then reimburse the overpayment when the cheque had cleared.

Unfortunately, due to a bad experience we will require all payment in cash upon arrival at the party. We will not be able to do the party until we have been paid. Should the party be cancelled with less than 24 hours notice we reserve the right to charge the full outstanding balance.

Please note that ALL of our parties include balloons as a major part of the show. If any child does not like balloons we would prefer that we not be booked as it can create problems. We want all the children to have a positive experience.

If you are booking any other artistes (face painters, characters etc) we need to know in advance as it may affect the timings of the party. We have our own playlist and will not automatically play a song requested by the other artiste if we will be using it later, the same goes for games and/or action songs.

Please be aware that our show is highly interactive. We encourage the children to shout, jump around and there will be loud music during the disco. We will turn it down to a reasonable level on request but it is a disco so the music will be quite loud.

When we do balloons for the children, they become the property of the child. If the balloons bursts, it is not our responsibility to pick them up. We will clear away any litter that we create but not that of other people.

If we receive any verbal abuse from a child or adult during the show we reserve the right to stop the show immediately with no refund.

We use a live rabbit during the magic show. Our animals are clean but there is always a slight risk of infection. We will therefore ask the children to wash their hands after they have handled the rabbit. We do not provide disinfectant or wipes due to the risk of allergic reaction.